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DPF Chemical Cleaning in Peterborough

We are able to clean the diesel particulate filter on your Jaguar instead of fitting a new one. On Jaguar diesel models from 2006 onwards a diesel particulate filter is fitted to the car. These have been fitted in order to conform to the current emission regulations. This filter catches soot particles from the exhaust and this reduces carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere.

When the filter is almost full it goes through a process called regeneration to remove the soot. This is automatically carried out by the Jaguar's engine management system. Once the DPF reaches approx. 550 degrees centigrade the process starts. Hot diesel is squirted in and this intense heat turns the soot to ash and this then escapes harmlessly out of the exhaust.

In order for the regeneration process to take place all the optimum conditions have to be achieved, everything has to be in good working order and the appropriate driving conditions performed (achieved by travelling at 40mph continuously for about 15mins).

Regeneration can occur without the driver even being aware of it, sometimes a crackling/popping sound can be heard and/or a burning smell can be noticed. If conditions are not met and the DPF becomes too full and unable to regenerate then the Jaguar's performance will become reduced and in some cases the engine can stop altogether.

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If the hot diesel is not used in the regeneration process because of failure then it begins to dilute the engine oil causing an overfill, which is very dangerous for the engine. The only options at this point is the renewal of the DPF (approx. £800-£1000) or cleaning (a fraction of the price).

The cleaning method uses an insertion tool that sprays a special chemical into the filter that has the effect of allowing the clogged soot to regenerate and exit the exhaust as ash.

We can provide this service to your Jag, if you have noticed a drop in performance then please do get in touch and we will be happy to take a look at your Jag and get it back to perfect for you.