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Are Jaguars Expensive to Maintain

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  • 19-08-2021
Are Jaguars Expensive to Maintain

We look at the question: Are Jaguar Expensive To Maintain? If you are considering owning a Jaguar car, you will be interested in the reliability and maintenance costs of keeping the car maintained.

Jaguar Car Maintenance

Keeping up regular, high-quality maintenance is one of the most significant aspects of owning a Jaguar that ensures your engines technology, wheels, windows, brakes and brake pads, and all vehicle mechanisms are always in good condition. 

Your best bet is to use a Jaguar Approved Service Centre. This way, you can always ensure servicing will be performed by a trained specialist, using several genuine Jaguar replacement parts with a 24-month insurance warranty. 

At these approved services, you are free to take advantage of all categories of vehicle services, alongside the total, fixed pricing with absolutely no hidden maintenance costs or additional charges to pay. 

To give you a rough idea of the usual Jaguar service costs and numbers, we will present you with some examples, including a cheaper option and some of the most expensive:

  • Diesel Tier 1 service: £440
  • Diesel Tier 2 service: £540
  • Diesel Tier 3 service: £640 (Exc. 4.4l)

  • Petrol Tier 1 service: £340
  • Petrol Tier 2 service: £440
  • Petrol Tier 3 service: £540 (Exc. 5l/SVR)

You can book Jaguar Service appointments online by using booking systems that you can find on numerous service websites. All you must do is enter all the details of your details and pick your preferred service options. Ensure you choose a day and time that accurately suits your schedule or work routine from the ones available on the system. All servicing appointments are confirmed over email or phone calls.    

Jaguar Approved services will take care of your cars bodywork and mechanisms at their centre. Whether you choose to drop off your vehicle or you can choose to have technicians collect it for you. Your car will always return sanitised and completely sealed, ensuring it stays clean and looking brand new for the benefit of your safety. 

You can have peace of mind that your Jaguar vehicles and all number of mechanisms will be maintained with care and delicacy, for great prices, so that maintenance is never a chore. All technicians harness the best tools, equipment and skills to complete any labour task necessary on your car. 

Jaguar Reliability 

The Jaguar brand prides itself on quality, great speed, mileage and style; it is one of the most prevalent names in all motorsports and automobiles.  Numerous British car brands have suffered by using different parts, but Jaguar always lasted throughout the many decades to show its robust excellence.    

Jaguars are incredibly comfortable vehicles with high performance, and the brand itself has experienced a tremendous turnaround across the years compared to its early days. 

The company and technicians are talented in getting it right every time, right their past wrongs, and creating some of the finest cars that we know today that, if maintained, can get you through any annual MOT test and drive safely for miles.     

Are Jaguar Expensive To Maintain?

Like the Jaguar XF, Modern Jaguars have achieved some of the highest reliability ratings the brand has ever known. They handle beautifully on the road and have exceptional fuel oil economy, garner fantastic brand loyalty from all owners.    

You cannot doubt the brand's reliability. In recent news, Jaguar placed 29th on the vehicle reliability chart compared to various other automotive luxury brand competitors like Ford, Toyota, BMW, Land Rover and Audi, etc. Such was also the case in 2017, a survey by WarrantyDirect. 

They found that British luxury cars were some of the least dependable on the road; however, they stated that Jaguar wasn't all to do with this result.     

However, after this blip, the Telegraph placed Jaguar at 16th place on their reliability table; it rose 23 places in only a year. Over the years, Jaguar has managed to reduced any defects and significant issues per every 100 vehicles.  

Reliability Index placed Jaguar vehicles at 29th out of 39 car brands on their chart. They also achieved a reliability index of 171, which isn't one of the best; however, their reliability is considered average but much higher than their competitors. Bentley scored approximately 529 on the reliability index chart, so in comparison, we can note that Jaguar is a worthy component for the fields current standards and economy.     

What are The Common Jaguar Problems?

What are The Common Jaguar Problems?

As a customer looking to buy a car, it is vital to know the different kinds of problems several brands often run into overtime during long term ownership, no matter how reliable they are said to be. 

In understanding these problems, you can ensure they are fixed before your annual MOT. 

Here are some of the most common problems found in Jaguars:

Suspension issues

The suspension of Jaguar vehicles is often prone to plenty of wear and tear, so this is something to be hyper-aware of if you are looking to purchase a Jaguar. Certainly, those buying a second-hand vehicle. 

Windscreen-wiper failure

Jaguar cars and vehicles are often known mostly for going through multiple windscreen-wipers at a time and much quicker than other brands. You're likely to have to replace or receive repairs on your wipers more than you may for any other long term car model.   

Water leaks 

Some customers in the past have reported in their feedback that they have experienced incidents of leaking in the boot. Others mention leaking in the footwell at the front of the vehicle. Often this is caused by faulty outdoor seals.   

These are various things you will want to be aware of when looking at Jaguars to buy, and equally as vital to observe when searching for a second-hand vehicle. 

They are also worthy of knowing if you are purchasing a completely new model to prepare for the issues and obstacles that may occur down the line. You can save plenty of money knowing about these faults and getting them repaired before they become severe, and therefore more expensive.   

We hope this article answers your questions about how expensive Jaguar cars are to maintain. If you require Jaguar servicing or repair in the Peterborough or surrounding areas, contact our Jaguar specialist today.

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