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How Often Do Jaguar Cars Really Need Servicing

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  • 11-05-2022
How Often Do Jaguar Cars Really Need Servicing

How often should I service my Jaguar?

Ensuring your car is well maintained is one of the most important things you can do as an owner, especially if you have a luxury car like a Jaguar. With cars like this, the manufacturer will usually have a recommended service schedule that you need to follow to keep your Jaguar in the best possible condition.

Following this schedule is the best way to keep reaping the benefits of your Jaguar and its high-performance capabilities. When you purchase a new Jaguar, servicing it according to the right service intervals will also help your Jaguar hold onto more of its value as it ages. Every Jaguar model in its range will have its own specific servicing requirements and service interval plan.

Usually, these plans are based on the space of time between each interval or the number of miles you clock up within this time. Most modern vehicles have a service indicator or dedicated service light on the instrument panel that will display when your car is due for a service.

This is usually timed to match with your service interval schedule, but if it isn't, always refer to your vehicle handbook for the right Jaguar maintenance schedule. Your schedule will also differ depending on whether you have a petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid car. All the more reason why you should consult your handbook for the right service schedule.

Typically, Jaguar services are required once every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. If you cover more than 12,000 miles in a year, your car will naturally require more frequent servicing. Again, the servicing requirements for different Jaguar models will not be the same, with some checks being required more often than others.

These are denoted as the "A Service" and "B Service" in your car handbook". Jaguars are more than just tools to get you to your destination. They are highly engineered pieces of luxury motoring. Regardless, wear and tear is a natural part of owning any vehicle, and you need to keep on top of it if you want to continue enjoying your Jaguar.

The best way to do this is to stick to your servicing schedule and take your Jaguar to a mechanic specialising in servicing your vehicle type. You might even consider taking your car to a genuine Jaguar servicing centre if you really want to care for it properly. 

Here is a breakdown of the typical checks and services that will be conducted at certain maintenance intervals:

At this stage of your car's life, it will only need to undergo the most rudimentary checks and Jaguar maintenance. This includes things such as an engine oil change and filter change.You will also have your door hinges, power antenna and body fittings lubricated, with the necessary fluids, such as brake fluid, assessed and topped up when needed.

The mechanics will also check the underside of your car and conduct a road test and test drive to ensure everything is running smoothly. Besides this, your windscreen wipers, washer fluid, belts, hoses, lights and HVAC system will also be thoroughly inspected and assessed.

This allows your technicians and mechanics to replace any bulbs or belts that are beginning to show signs of wear. They will also rotate your tyres, check wheel alignment and check their treads and wheel lug nuts.

At 15,000 miles, your mechanics will conduct all the checks conducted in the 5,000 miles service and more. The essential aspects of these are your braking system, brake hoses, brake discs and the throttle plate, which will also be cleaned.

More lubricant will be applied to your doors, particularly in the locks, and they will grease the wheel bearings. They will also replace your spark plugs and air filters and check your timing belt adjustments. Given that your car has covered more ground, it is natural that these checks and services after 15,000 miles are more thorough.

While the 5,000-mile check will keep your Jaguar in good condition, the 15,000-mile service aims to ensure your Jaguar continues to perform on the road. This makes it a crucial service that you shouldn't miss. The checks to your braking system, spark plugs, and belts are essential to running your car and are a vital part of responsible Jaguar ownership.

If you thought the 15,000-mile service was thorough, wait till you see the 30,000-mile checks. All previous service checks and maintenance will be carried out, alongside those required of Jaguars reaching these mileages. You can imagine how long the checklist is for this.

Besides all the checks previously mentioned, your mechanic will also change your transmission fluid and filters and check your axles, steering system and power steering fluid. Your front wheel bearings will be checked and repacked, and your propeller shaft bolts and driveshaft will be torqued to the right tension. 

Which Jaguar Servicing do I need

Depending on how long it has been or how far you have travelled since your last service will determine which of the Jaguar services you need. These all aim to keep your car in the best condition while also helping it to retain more of its value.

The Jaguar Interim Service is carried out, as the name suggests, between the standard service intervals in your handbook. These usually take place every six months or after 6,000 miles, whichever comes first. These are great for any Jaguar owner, whether you only cover short distances day-to-day or whether you're out on long touring drives. 

They essentially aim to ensure your Jaguar remains roadworthy between your standard service schedule intervals. They include all the standard services and checks, from oil and filter changes to exhaust, suspension and brake inspections.

The Full Jaguar Service is conducted every year or after 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Making sure you send your car for this annual service is the best way to keep breakdowns at bay. Again, these services include all the checks from the previous Interim Service and an engine inspection and replacement of air filters and power steering fluid. They will also reset your servicing schedule reminder. 

The Jaguar Manufacturer Service is reserved for those who really want to stick to Jaguar's servicing schedule. This will involve replacing fluids and other components directly for identical matches from Jaguar themselves.

They will also tailor the service to your specific Jaguar model and production year, so that all the technical specifications, as specified by Jaguar Land Rover, can be met for your individual vehicle - whether a Jaguar F-Pace, E-Type or any other model. This is also the best way to hold onto your manufacturer's warranty.

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