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Why DPF Cleaning is Important

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  • 19-08-2021
Why DPF Cleaning is Important

This article looks at why is DPF cleaning important for your car. Find out more about diesel particulate filter cleaning and how it benefits your car.

 Why is DPF Cleaning Important for Your Car?

Diesel Particulate Filter, more commonly known as DPF, is located within the Catalytic Converters exhaust system. The DPF part of a vehicle is responsible for removing diesel matter and particles like soot from diesel engine vehicles, explicitly from exhaust gasses.     

Short trips with frequent stops and starts are among the most common and important causes of blocked DPF's, alongside poor quality diesel, which can also block it. It is essential to clean your vehicle's DPF that is constantly accumulating soot and causing blockages. T

o do so, you must burn off all the existing carbon deposits, and you can do this by raising the exhaust gas temperature at the filter's inlet.     

The exhaust gas temperature often becomes regulated during regeneration by the very precise ECU. It is essential to do as much as possible to prevent your DPF from getting dirty or dirty, which consistently allows the engine to fail or run rough. 

It would be best to regenerate it as regularly as possible; to do so, you can begin by burning off the accumulated soot inside the filter you found.    

What is a Diesel Particulate Filter?

Many who have been exposed to the complicated world of diesel may ponder what exactly DPF is?  

DPF, or Diesel Particulate Filters, are an exhaust gas after-treatment device. 

It is mainly used to trap all particulate matter, for example, ash and soot that builds up over time and frequent usage or plenty of mileage.    

Typically, DPF uses substrates that are commonly made of ceramic materials to form a honeycomb frame or structure. 

The diesel filters must capture and store exhaust soot to reduce diesel vehicles emissions, and you must regularly burn off this soot. Doing so allows your DPF to regenerate its filter to the fullest.

Why is DPF Cleaning Important for Your Car?

The regeneration process allows the excess soot and ash deposited in its filter to be entirely burned off. The harmful dark black smoke you commonly see emitted from many diesel vehicles when they accelerate is prevented through DPF engine regeneration. 

It is critical for all engine manufacturers in the industry to use DPFs to trap all the particulate matter accurately. They must support and ensure each vehicle meets and complies with the EPA 2007 emission standards.

The DPF carefully and precisely extracts the ash and soot from your engines gas exhaust, ultimately helping to reduce all harmful diesel-powered emissions from its vehicles. To describe it in further detail, all the exhaust air and gases pass through the ceramic wall flow inside the particulate filter. 

Each solid particle gets trapped along the walls due to the structure being relatively spongy and sticky. If this build ups up over time, it can completely block your DPF.

Industrial vans and commuters drive miles and miles each day for many hours, making work trips and deliveries up and down the cities and towns across the UK. 

All drivers must do their best to ensure all their DPFs comply with Euro 5 and EPA 2007 emission standards. They must upkeep all the frequent cleaning necessary to ensure there are little to no blockages to keep the DPF as functional throughout the working week as possible.

Reasons to Keep Your DPF Clean

Diesel particulate filters are one of the most significant features of today's diesel truck and car motors. If your work fleet collectively has diesel engines, it is critical to understand how all DPFs and filters function and the significance of DPF cleaning.  

Here are seven tremendous and vital reasons to prove the importance of keeping your DPF clean and in a consistent good condition:

Fuel Economy 

When you strive to keep your filter maintained and clean regularly, you'll find that you have a far better fuel economy. 

The DPF is within the engine's exhaust system, and even if you only experience partial clogging, it will gradually increase back-pressure inside the engine machine. Overall frequent clogging affects your fuel economy.


Regular DPF cleaning allows you and your company to keep your engine running thoroughly and smoothly throughout the working week. Unless your filter is at 100%, the engine performance could dramatically suffer.

Prevent Replacement 

Diesel particulate filters (DPF) are relatively expensive; if you don't keep your filters clean as much as possible, they can become clogged and irreversibly damaged. Irreversible damage means costly replacements.

Increase Resale Value

 It's so vital to keep consistently complete and precise records of any truck or car maintenance. When your vehicle has an excellent maintenance record, especially for technical DPF cleaning, you can often achieve more for your money when you want to resell and save plenty on repairs.

All Filters Will Eventually Clog 

 A perfectly working DPF that burns off all its particles and hydrocarbons inside the exhaust is great; however, ash and soot will slowly build up. Required DPF cleaning allows you or your technician team to remove all the ashes and soot particles with their necessary tools and equipment, which will allow your DPF to work efficiently.

Stop and Go Driving 

Should your truck be making frequent deliveries and plenty of city driving due to the company you work at, your DPF will require cleaning much more often. Stop and start driving causes a much more significant amount of exhaust particles, and the filtration will become more challenging. It will also make it much harder on the regeneration process.

Engine Warranty 

If you don't take efficient and proper care of your engines, you could void or invalidate the manufacturer's warranty. It may be best to take your van, truck, car and ensure your vehicle is given a top-quality service from certified professional technicians.

Can I Tell if My DPF is Blocked?

The orange indicator light that you may find on your vehicle DPF looks much like a box with tiny dots in the middle. The orange light is a sign or, more so, a warning that your DPF may be blocked. 

When examining your van, the indicator will suggest that your DPF is clogged with ash and soot from your previous journeys. 

Before commissioning your vehicle to go back on the road for another delivery or work trip, you must ensure you get it cleaned and thoroughly serviced by certified technicians for ultimate fuel efficiency.

Prevention is often better than a cure when dealing with DPFs. It is far better to avoid or narrowly escape any necessary repairs and replacements of clogged DPF parts at all costs than to have to pay the expenses of either.

Many experienced experts encourage that you get your DPFs cleaned to avoid any issues with your fleet of diesel vehicles. Doing so helps increase resale value and increase the overall performance of your vans, trucks or cars.

Call or contact the email address or phone number that you find on the website of your local DPF services or vehicle specialists for further information, comments on prevention or a free quote of the services they offer.

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